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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  (Q)   My web-site is not getting the traffic it once did, what can you do to help drive traffic to it?

(A)   We don’t do anything to your web-site. We work with you to create ads, we post on your behalf to create greater overall discover ability for your business.

2. (Q)  Our web-site only covers a few categories, not all of them like we would like.

(A) We have no limit on categories. If you want 50 categories or 500 categories  no problem

3. (Q)  You show on your info sheet, that in most cases, you can have between 3 to 9 ads showing on the 1st page of the organic section in any of the top three search engines. How is this possible?

 (A)  We have a special system for posting ads, that gets great results.

4. (Q) How long does it take for the ads to start showing?

(A) The ads will usually will be visible within two to three weeks. It is the upfront setup process that take the longest time.

5. (Q) What make you better than the other Web-Site SEO companies out there?

(A)  As stated before, we have nothing to do with your web-site or SEO for your web-site. We are an ad service and posting company. What make us better is that your ads will not only show once, but potentially multiple times on the first page of the search results, with your phone number and your business name. So this gives the viewer the choice to call the phone number in the heading, or open the ad and get the rest of the information. If more is needed, the ads can be set up for a user to click on a link to your squeeze page or web-site. These three options are what make us different, unique, and create a great value for your investment.

6. (Q)  Is this like pay per click?

(A) No, your ads don’t cost you every time someone clicks on them.

7. (Q) How can we track the results from the ad campaign?

 (A) Buy the number of increased calls your getting, the number of visits to your web-site, and the number of visits to the placed ads on the net which we send you a monthly link to.

8. (Q)  Why can’t we do this all by ourselves, and save money?

(A) Well, you could try. It took us 5 years to perfect what we’re doing in figure out how to get those results. If you don’t have that kind of time, then that’s what we are here for. We take the pain out of advertising, so you can do what you do best, to make money and be happy.

9. (Q) Are you sure I will get calls from advertising with your company?

(A) No one  can guarantee that. What we can tell you is that your company stands a better chance to “Be Visible and Get Noticed™” than just having a web-site online. If you have 100s of ads or 1000s of ads, your chances to be found are much greater.

10. (Q) I don’t have a lot of money now. Can you still work with me?

(A) Yes, with a down payment we will finance you over 12 months.